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Finsbury Park Pioneers

My Place has recruited 14 passionate, talented, and diverse young people to be the first ever My Place young community leaders. These young people all live and/or study in the Finsbury Park area and are determined to represent their communities and creating meaningful change for everyone in Finsbury Park...keep reading to find out more about our incredible Pioneers!

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Alesha is 13 years old and lives in Highbury Corner. She is very excited to be a My Place pioneer because she wants to connect with others and hear what others have to say, and is very excited to see where this goes in the future

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Channay is 17 years old and a local resident of the Finsbury Park area. She is a determined character who wants to provide local communities with a voice for future projects and improvements within Finsbury Park

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David is 16 years old and lives in Finsbury Park. He is a highly talented footballer and is committed to going pro. David became a My Place Pioneer as he is determined to improve the local area for his family, friends, and wider community

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Emily is a 14 year old living in Holloway and attending school in Finsbury Park. She is a musician and a chess player on the side and aims to use her passion for activism and politics to make changes in Finsbury Park

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Hannah is a young, passionate activist living in Highbury. She is highly empathetic and determined and became a My Place Pioneer to make great changes and impact her future in Finsbury Park :p
Hannah is also a member of the My Place advisory board

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Hayden is 15 years old, born and raised in the Finsbury Park area. He is an intelligent and outspoken individual who hopes to improve the safety of Finsbury Park for everyone in the local community

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Jason, aged 13, is passionate about making a change within Finsbury Park and the community. He signed up to this project as he felt he would be a great candidate to make the area the better for both the young and older members of our local community


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Julia is a young, amusing individual who lives close to Finsbury Park and spends a lot of time in the area, usually participating in sports. She is excited to implement her ideas and opinions to make local changes for the better. Julia is also a member of the My Place advisory board

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Núria, 15, goes to school in Finsbury Park and cares deeply about the safety and welfare of the local community. She is extremely ambitious and aims to become a young community activist to change people's lives for the better

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Shukri is 16 and lives and studies in the Finsbury Park area. Her favourite place in the local area is the mosque because she feels a strong sense of community there. Shukri aims to learn more about research methods and how to conduct research ethically

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Ushsean, 17, lives in Finsbury Park and cares deeply about those who call it home. He is a creative, intelligent, opinionated young man working towards a career in music, and hopes to use all of his talents to make deep, lasting change for local communities


Jason, 15, is very motivated and believes that he can do many things if he puts his mind to it. Jason likes Finsbury Park because the community is very supportive, sociable, and everyone helps each other out


Christopher is 15 yrs old and lives in North London. Christopher's character is heavily influenced by his afro-Caribbean roots - he is determined, tenacious, and 100% focused on making real change in Finsbury Park


Daniel, 15, is a charismatic individual who has been living in the Finsbury Park area for about 10 years. He loves to play sports, particularly football. He would like to get closer to members of the local community through being a My Place Pioneer


Our Team

Senior Project Coordinator


Junior Project Coordinator

Rico is a young community activist and Finsbury Park local with a background in education and youth empowerment. Rico leads our youth work, supporting and mentoring our young leaders

Zimmie has a background in architecture and is passionate about working with communities to create thriving places. He oversees our training program and co-design of the My Place Hub



Project Director

Kerri is a long time youth champion and educator. She coordinated the national #iwill campaign and at My Place she manages the team and leads on strategy and partnership building



Naomi is an award winning architect and My Place co-founder. She uses her community listening expertise to support the team, alongside her work as Director of Operations at Footwork.



Clare is a My Place co-founder and supports the project through the independent charity Footwork that she set up. Footwork identifies and supports local social innovators to create positive change for people and places


Project Assistant

Alongside her work at Footwork and Creative Wick, Abbie lends her creative and research expertise to support the My Place team in developing our training and youth empowerment programmes


Impact Manager

Shingai is the Impact Manager at London Development Trust and uses her data evaluation skills to ensure My Place is relevant to, and delivering beneficial outcomes for young people

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Post Doctoral Researcher

Kat is a researcher interested in interested in place, mapping, and multiculture. Kat has worked with diverse communities in Finsbury Park and supported My Place to engage with young people and understand their feelings about place and change


Our Advisory Board

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Advisory Board Co Chair
TAG Agency

Alvin is passionate about amplifying diverse young voices and transforming the lives of young people from underrepresented backgrounds.  He is the co-founder of Tag Agency and is working with Children in Need to deliver their £10 million Black Futures Fund


Roland Karthaus

Advisory Board Co Chair
Founding Director,
Matter Architecture

Roland is a long time supporter and collaborator of My Place, and founding Director of Matter Architecture, based in East London. Roland has set up and runs many public, collaborative design workshops and also teaches and researches part-time at the University of East London


Drama Student

North East London

David is a drama student who lives in Woodberry Down. Alongside Rico, he was part of the ftwork film 'regeneration divide' in which he shared his passion for local people having a genuine say in what happens in their local area


Quality of Life Foundation

Hani is driven by the desire to improve the lives of those who need it the most through the application of his architectural education. At QoLF Hani works to evaluate health and wellbeing in housing and neighbourhoods

Lola McLoughlin

Formby, Liverpool

Lola studies art at City of Liverpool College and is a passionate champion for young people’s voices. In 2020 she graduated from PLACED Academy; a programme that empowers young people to shape their local area, and has written in the Urban Design Group magazine for PLACED

Nathan Richardson

Director of Studies  Alexandra Park School

Nathan grew up in Finsbury Park and recently became a head teacher. He headed a year group at Ofsted Outstanding Alexandra Park School and led the school’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy to support outcomes for all students, especially those from BAME backgrounds


Sarah Beth Riley

Associate Architect
Be First

Sarah is an Associate Architect at urban regeneration company Be First. She is a mentor for Public Practice, a member of the Hackney Regeneration Design Advisory Group, and NLA Expert Panel member for the Housing programme #NLAHousing


London Development Trust

Simon is CEO of award winning community development organisation London Development Trust and has delivered lasting community development on numerous regeneration projects across London Boroughs of Hackney, Ealing, Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Waltham Forest

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